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Hi, I’m David!

Welcome to my new revamped page!!!

I am a Software Engineer from Slovakia, currently residing in Scotland.
I used to be a software engineer working in Air Traffic control in Denmark, but I got bored with my job one day and decided to move to Edinburgh and get a degree in Robotics instead. Now most of my days consist of skipping classes, teaching workshops and building robots.

This site doubles as a personal blog and a light portfolio, but it’s current only updated sporadically (Mostly whenever I get bored…)
^ is what the site used to say, and it’s still very much true, but I am working on the sporadically part.

If you are interested in some of my projects I recommend that you check out my GitHub

Or if you are interested in offering me a job or checking out what am I up to these days you can take a peek at my LinkedIn

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Robotics or DIY projects

You can find all of my robotics projects here

Where is David?

I recently started working on a small webapp that could tell you my current location. I decided to do this since I am pretty bad at quickly answering messages from my friends and so that my parents could check if I moved in the past 24 hours since I am also pretty bad at answering their messages and they live pretty far. Sorry mom!

This project is not yet finished. You can check it’s very slow progress on my GitHub repo my hope was that posting the link here will force me to work on it more


If you are looking for posts written for my Mixed reality Course at VIA you can find them here